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Come Celebrate With Us!

holidayopenhouseflier2018.jpgCome meet the rehabilitated wild animals who serve as ambassadors of Patapsco Valley State Park's Scales & Tales program. The naturalists at Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area will be leading tours of the aviary during our annual Holiday Open House event from 9:00 a.m. to noon on Saturday, December 8!!

View the sun through a solar scope in our parking lot! Learn about the history of Soldiers Delight and the all-volunteer Friends group who supports it. Buy a baked treat at our bake sale. Meet Jack Wennerstrom and Frank Wisniewski, authors of Soldiers Delight Journal Revisited, a truly gorgeous coffee-table compendium of photographic wanderings through all four seasons at Soldiers Delight NEA. Click on the image for details.


Pumpkin Carving Fun!

busycarvers0410-27-18.jpgPumpkin Carving at Soldiers Delight!

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National Night out 2018

nno-06,08-07-18.jpgSee how SDCI celebrated National Night Out!

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Family Fun Day!

sdcidisplay02,04-29-18.jpgPatapsco Valley State Park's Family Fun Day was a resounding success. Read all about the displays and activities!

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A Lasting Legacy of Environmental Advocacy

Beginning in 1988, Alice June "Ajax" Eastman and the late Elizabeth K. “Beth” Hartline chaired the conservation council’s Maryland Wildlands Committee. They led a campaign to keep more of the state’s natural areas free from development, vehicles and active resource management. "It was feisty advocates like Ajax who led the push to get protections for areas such as Soldiers Delight, which is set aside as preserved Wildlands for the future", says SDCI board president Laura Van Scoyoc. "We owe a debt of gratitude to the diligent labors and the foresight of people like Alice, who provided a way to keep these special areas as intact as possible for posterity". Read on to see how Alice Eastman made conserves like Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area possible.

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Attractive Menace

Why You should Never Buy This Landscaping Plant

japanesebarberry.jpgHave landscaping plans?  Be sure that planting Japanese Barberry in your yard is not among them. Available at most big box stores, this thorny bush is a favorite shelter plant for deer mice, which are hosts for the black legged tick, a major carrier of Lyme disease and other potentially devastating illnesses in humans. Want more information?  Check out this news clip, aired recently in Morris County, New Jersey.

Pumpkin Carving At Soldiers Delight

melissaschehleincarves01,10-28-17.jpgWhen the eve of All Souls Day approaches, thoughts often turn to carving gruesome (and cheerful) designs into rotund orbs of orange flesh. And what better place to do it than in the auditorium at the Soldiers Delight visitor center? Our pumpkin-carving program, an annual fundraiser for Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc., the Friends group for Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area in Owings Mills, Maryland, is always a festive event. But this year we enjoyed the company of live, wild animals (and a mummified one) added to the mix!

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