Jason Domasky

Jason Domasky was first introduced to Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area in 1995, when he started hiking the trails through the wilderness area which sits amid suburbia in Owings Mills, Maryland. Employed in web development, Jason enjoyed getting outdoors onto the serpentine barrens, so-called because they are underlain by serpentinite, a rock that contains very little quartz and aluminum-bearing minerals and consists mainly of serpentine. The land surface over serpentinite is stony, unfertile and sparsely vegetated, typically containing mostly grasses and some unique and rare wildflowers. Jason became fascinated by the unusual plant life he observed along its trails.

In 2002, Jason was invited to join the board of directors of Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc., which serves as the Friends group for the area, where he quickly became a strong advocate of the work SDCI does to educate the public about this unique ecosystem on the northwestern side of Baltimore County. After several years of productive membership on the board, Jason was elected to serve as secretary in 2007, a position he has held ever since.

Jason enjoys his work with the Friends group and derives much satisfaction from volunteering his numerous skills in furtherance of SDCI’s mission of conservation, restoration and environmental education