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Your gift goes directly to speed our educational outreach, research and restoration efforts for this unique ecosystem. Time is of the essence, as more and more species of invasive plants are increasingly spreading into our natural areas and adversely impacting them. Together we can ensure that this site will be preserved for future generations.

Support Levels

SDCI appreciates any contribution, no matter the size.


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Please make checks payable to "Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc." and mail to the address shown in the box to the right.

Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc. (SDCI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
All donations to SDCI are fully tax-deductible.


Support our Concessions

Anna Dusz Mans the SDNEA DeskSDCI in its role as The Friends of Soldiers Delight produces a variety of items sold at the visitors center. All proceeds go to outreach, research, and restoration.

Please visit our online store for details about all the available items.


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