Want to know who we support?  Want to know what the rules are when visiting this fragile ecosystem?

Here we list some of the organizations whose missions of awareness, appreciation and conservation of Maryland's native habitats align with our own, as well as who to contact should you wish to conduct research at Soldiers Delight.

Conservation/Native Plants

  • Bluewater Baltimore - 410.254.1577 - Bluewater Baltimore's Herring Run Nursery sells an amazing variety of all-native plants, from groundcovers to climbing vines, from shrubs to ornamental specimens and trees, all of which make excellent substitutes for the invasive species sold at big box stores. Support Bluewater Baltimore by buying your plants at Herring Run Nursery!
  • Maryland Native Plant Society - Maryland Native Plant Society's mission is to promote awareness, appreciation and conservation of Maryland's native plants and their habitats. They pursue their mission through education, research, advocacy and service activities.


  • Barberry Update - For more on the subject of how planting the invasive Japanese Barberry contributes to an increase in incidences of Lyme disease, this 2013 article by Debbie Roberts on the website Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens illustrates the problem succinctly. 
  • Barberry, Bambi and Bugs - Here's one of the reasons we're so passionate about eradicating invasive plant species at Soldiers Delight NEA. Read how Japanese Barberry, an imported invasive shrub sold widely throughout the United States at almost every big box home store, directly threatens the well-being of citizens across our land. In a Scientific American guest blog post in 2011, Beth Jones eloquently demonstrates why a potentially serious and incurable neurological disease is being spread by the presence of a seemingly innocuous landscaping plant.
  • Barberry: Safe Removal - Have invasive Japanese Barberry in your garden?  Want to get rid of it safely before it brings Lyme disease to your family? Read this informative article by Maryland Master Gardener Sharon Heron about the best way to get this disease-escalating landscaping shrub out of your yard without spreading its prolific seeds.
  • - (410) 461-5005 - Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area is an extremely sensitive ecosystem with many rare, threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna.  Absolutely nothing may be removed from the site, not a single rock, leaf or anything else, nor is anything allowed to be installed or applied to the site.  Visitors must stay on marked trails only, and dogs must be kept on a short leash.  Be careful to walk in the middle of the trail, since some rare species of flowers tend to emerge at trail edges where they can easily be trampled into extinction.

    For students and others wishing to conduct research on Soldiers Delight property, please contact the manager of Patapsco Valley State Park in charge of Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area. No one may conduct research of any kind anywhere on Soldiers Delight NEA property without the express, written permission of PVSP park manager Rob Dyke, who can be reached by writing: Rob Dyke, Park Manager Patapsco Valley State Park
    8020 Baltimore National Pike
    Ellicott City, Maryland 21043
    W:(410) 461-5005 - secretary will pick up before 4:00 p.m.
    Fax: (410) 418-9750