Soldiers Delight Concessions

These items are brought to you by The Friends of Soldiers Delight and are sold in our visitor center at 5100 Deer Park Road in Owings Mills, Maryland. All proceeds go to education, outreach, invasives control and ecosystem restoration.

All prices include sales tax.

Patapsco Valley Park Trail Map $ 6.00
McKeldin Park Trail Map $ 2.00
Avalon/Hilton Trail Map $ 3.00
Long-sleeve T-shirt (any design, any size) $ 17.00
Short-sleeve T-shirt (any design, any size) $ 15.00
Soldiers Delight Journal (by Jack Wennerstrom) $ 17.00
Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping $ 10.00
Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas $ 10.00
Leaning Sycamores (by Jack Wennerstrom) $ 26.00
Hiking, Cycling, Canoeing in Maryland (by MacKay) $ 19.00
Country Walks Near Baltimore (by Fisher) $ 10.00
Soldiers Delight Journal REVISITED (by Jack Wennerstrom) $ 48.00
Minerals of the Washington D.C. Area (by Bernstein) $ 3.00
Collecting Fossils In Maryland (by Glazer) $ 3.00
Earthquakes in Maryland (by Reger) $ 3.00
Other Items
Tick Key (Remove ticks effortlessly with this simple device) $ 6.00
Set of 4 Virginia pine coasters w/4 different SDCI logos * $ 10.00
Hanging Virginia pine ornament w/various SDCI logos * $ 3.00
Virginia pine refrigerator magnet w/various SDCI logos * $ 2.00
Bluebird nesting box (already assembled) $ 20.00

* Laser engraving of wood items generously donated by Model City Models, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland