Ecological Society of America Visits Soldiers Delight

Dr. R. Wayne Tyndall, Maryland State Wildlife and Heritage ecologist for the Department of Natural Resources
Of the 5000 scientists who attended the annual convention of the Ecological Society of America, well over a hundred members signed up to attend a serpentine hike and lecture led by Wesley Knapp and R. Wayne Tyndall, Maryland State Wildlife and Heritage ecologists, at Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area on Sunday, August 9th.

For the sake of the fragile ecosystem, Dr. Tyndall limited attendance to twelve participants. These 12 lucky ecologists hailed from North Carolina, Florida, New York, California, Ohio and Korea. All were fascinated by the unusual terrain and unique habitat of Soldiers Delight.  Dr. Tyndall conducted a lecture in our visitor center's  auditorium and then led the group on a hike out on the serpentine.

When the ecologists returned from their field study around noon, Patapsco Valley State Park naturalist Jenna had just begun her hour-long "Feathered Friends" display outside the entrance to the visitor center.  As the scientists gathered around, Jenna regaled them with details about the great horned owl perched quietly on a stand before them.  The group was enthralled with the magnificent raptor and peppered Jenna with questions.

As the intrepid ecologists finished their visit to Soldiers Delight, they thanked Jenna, Dr. Knapp and Dr. Tyndall profusely for their fascinating adventure.

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