In Loving Memory - Mary Anne Vincett

Mary Vincett Lewis
Mary Anne Vincett, wife of the late James P. Lewis, passed away on October 21, 2012. Married in 1985, Mary and Jim enjoyed hiking, conservation, and world travel.

In 1965, Mary joined Jean Reese Worthley, Florence Rogers and William Fastie to form Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc., which fought successfully to have hundreds of acres of serpentine barrens set aside as a nature preserve in Owings Mills. While serving on our board of directors, Mary chaired our land acquisition committee for many years and fought to have her childhood home site be made a part of Soldiers Delight NEA, which eventually occurred in 2004. Mary was also a signatory to the Delight Quarry reclamation development plan covenants, a site which was eventually developed in 2015.

Mary continued to attend and participate in board meetings even after she could no longer drive. Her husband brought her to the meetings and waited patiently in the lobby of our visitor center to take her home again afterward. Considered one of the "founding mothers" of Solders Delight Natural Environment Area, Mary's contribution to the protection and preservation of this globally rare ecosystem was immeasurable.

She will be deeply missed.

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