SDCI Launches New Website

Calling All Nature Lovers!

Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc., the Friends group for Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area (SDNEA) in Owings Mills, Maryland, has launched a new website,, aimed at providing families and nature aficionados near and far with new ways to interact with and learn about the globally rare ecosystem which calls Soldiers Delight NEA home.

The new site was designed and built by volunteers. Will Fastie, a Web developer and, not coincidentally, the son of SDCI co-founders William and Frances Fastie, suggested a new site to the SDCI board in 2014 and enlisted the help of top graphics designer Cheri Glover to create a compelling and functional layout. Starting with the striking logo design provided by another artist, Michelle Fazenbaker, Cheri played on the fame of Red Dog Lodge to create the unique look of the site. InfoQuest Technologies, a Web hosting company in Harrisburg, PA, graciously donated a comprehensive hosting plan.

"The contribution of the Fastie/Glover Web team has dramatically advanced our ability to publish useful and timely information about Soldiers Delight," said Lynell Tobler, vice president of SDCI. "We expect the modernization of the site to create a tremendous uptick in interest in SDNEA and an increased number of visitors to our site. The board is grateful for the significant contribution of time and effort that went into the site's design and construction."

The website combines a comprehensive history of the serpentine barrens with listings of the plants, animals and activities to be found in this unique environment. More such content will be added over time, increasing the value of the site and interest in SDNEA. New media capability allows SDCI to easily add photo albums and video presentations to the site. A comprehensive online calendar keeps both SDNEA and SDCI events and happenings at a visitor's fingertips. Future expansion of the site will add new features.

About Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area

Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area is home to almost forty rare and endangered species of plants and insects, some found nowhere else on earth. As civilization has encroached on this narrow strip of intriguing terrain, invasive species of plants and animals have threatened to wipe out these fascinating and beautiful specimens of nature.

Nature lovers across the region, as well as those visiting from out of town, will find an experience that can bring them peace and solace from their hectic, over-scheduled lifestyles. A relaxing hike along the 2.5 mile serpentine trail is guaranteed to restore tranquility to even the most stressed-out Type-A personality. "With instant access to dozens of indoor and outdoor activities, nature programming and information about the unusual flora and fauna located at Soldiers Delight, visitors to our new website will be able to plan an afternoon or a whole day of immersion in the natural world, right here in the middle of suburbia!" said Tobler.

About SDCI

Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc., was founded in 1959 and was the pivotal organization in convincing the State of Maryland and Baltimore County to set aside the land as a natural environment area. SDCI now functions as the "Friends" organization for SDNEA and has garnered numerous local awards for its efforts to restore the serpentine barrens.

For more information, visit the Web site, contact us, or send an email to , vice president.

Download a printable press release: PDF.

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