History of Soldiers Delight

There is much to be known about the history of Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area and the serpentine barrens for which it is known.

Soldiers Delight Barrens: Preservation of a Rare Ecosystem

Soldiers Delight, the largest and most diverse of the disappearing serpentine barrens on the East Coast and home to over 39 rare, threatened and endangered species, has been described as a "2,000 acre hunk of the American West dropped into Maryland".  Read on to learn how author, history professor and former SDCI board member, Claudia J. Floyd, describes the transformation through the years of this wild land, a haven for hikers, nature lovers, geologists, kite-flyers and children, all of whom are fascinated by its distinct qualities.

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Red Dog Lodge

- A Brief History

Red Dog Lodge, built in 1912, stands on Soldiers Delight property in Owings Mills, Maryland, just behind the visitor center. Constructed of wood and stone, the one-room dwelling served as a hunting cabin, camping retreat, and party house to generations of Sherwood, Dolfield and Buxton families.

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